Apr. 7th, 2011

I goes to work SO MAD today. I gets up and doesnt even have time to take my morning stim before Ritta waves me. Guess whos been talking turd about u to Jason even though u like him, she says. Mirka, thats who. Ritta says, they was all at The Hookah last night and Mirka is like ALL OVER Jason and dragging my name thru the goo. So its not until I have my stim and shower that it really hits me how mad I am, and it totally sux because I work with Mirka and I am going to have to deal with her BITCH AZZ all day at the okDok.

I gets on the gravlev and I am thinking maybe I should wave Mirka but then I am like NOOOOO I want to see her face when I set her str8. Mirka u ho I thinks, u has always been kinda bitchy but THIS is LOW. As in SUB-BASEMENT. How many times has I waved u about Jason this and Jason that? and now u do me dirty? I just went round and round and by the time I gets off at my stop my head was all BIG EXPLODE. As in MOUNT FUJI.

I goes into the okDok and puts on my apron and paper hat and facemask and elbow gloves. Micki is managing and says, hey Leni, u have the drivethru window today. And I am like that is cool, but has you seen Mirka yet? I am super careful to not say THAT BITCH MIRKA. Micki says nope, Mirka late but she be in later, how come? I says no reason, no big, and I get in the drivethru kiosk. Already the hovers are stacked up 8 deep and I am super mad before I even get started. I swears, if I am still working fast medicine when I turn 20, I am going to commit SUICIDE. As in LADY GAGA.

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