Sep. 18th, 2011

Good evening. I'm Artagal the Green, and you're watching the Palantir News Network. For a breaking news story, we now go to North-western Rohan.

This is Daggerol of the Uruk-Hai, reporting live from Isengard. A thick column of black smoke is rising from the side of Orthanc, the great tower that has overlooked the plains of the Rohirrim since the time of the Men of Numenor. Columns of smoke are a common sight in Isengard these days, but what is unique about this one is that Saruman the Wise didn't create it. We have unsubstantiated eyewitness reports that some kind of enormous bird, perhaps a giant eagle, has flown into the side of the structure.

Daggerol, what can you tell us about casualties at this time?

Information is incomplete as of this moment, Artagal, but I can confirm that Saruman the Wise is alive and well. He is most assuredly angry, however, and has strangled four of the Uruk-Hai by his own hand, but we're all relieved to know that his splendid leadership shall not be interrupted, ha ha. As for other, lesser beings, considerable fire and wreckage has dropped from the tower and fallen onto the fire and wreckage that was already in the pits below the tower, and an unknown number of orcs, Uruk-Hai and other minions are dead or trapped.

What information do you have regarding possible suspects?

Artagal, it's much too early to know anything about who's responsible. Naturally suspicion immediately falls upon the Steward of Gondor, but until interrogations are performed…

Just a moment, Daggerol, we go now to Magroth of the Leprous Hand in the Morgul Vale.

A terrible scene is unfolding here at Minas Morgul, Artagal. An enormous eagle has flown into the side of the central tower, apparently deliberately sacrificing itself to wreak destruction. There is considerable chaos and confusion as the Witch-King seeks to control his forces and punish those responsible. As you can see, the damage and resultant loss of life is almost too much to contemplate. Oh the orcosity!

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