Apr. 29th, 2011

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Apr. 29th, 2011 10:55 pm
Hello and good morning to all of America. I'm Jim Tonic and I'm here with Lily Ampule in Jolly Ole England, awaiting the royal wedding of the half-century.

That's right Jim, and hello from me as well. In only a very short time the carriage will come and whisk the dashing Prince Leo and his fiancée Bella down the road to Westminster Abbey to be joined in matrimony. The entire nation – indeed, Jim, the entire world – is riveted upon what will surely be a romantic spectacle.

Lily, one is forced to draw comparisons between this wedding and that of Leo's grandparents fifty years ago. When then-Prince William married his Kate, it seemed that the public's fascination with the royals could grow no keener. And yet here we are, with mobs of well-wishers turned out to view the procession, and record numbers of onlookers tuned in from across the globe.

Indeed Jim, one can only surmise that the number and caliber of luminaries in attendance at this event must be contributing to the sparking of public interest.

Certainly securing an invitation to this wedding has become this year's barometer for social status, Lily. But what do you make of the somewhat unusual decision to invite celebrities from other time periods?

It was a non-traditional gambit to be sure, Jim. But the Crown Prince is famously keen on time travel, and so the presence of important personages from across the breadth of human history was certain to become reality.

Gracious Lily, when I scan the Royal family's anticipated guest list, it reads like a virtual Who-Was-Who from across the reach of time.

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