Dec. 13th, 2011


Dec. 13th, 2011 11:15 pm
"I'll tell you frankly, Cornoda," said Trinito, "I'm concerned."

"Why?" asked Cornoda. All six of its limbs had been replaced, including the broken one. The new dermis was paler in color, and it was dotted with fine blonde hairs. "I think the experiment is going very nicely. I haven't lost mobility, and this optical sensor is marvelous! I love how inefficient it is!" It focused the huge blue eye on the replicated head of a moose on the museum's far wall, and took great interest in the way the fine detail fuzzed out.

"Well, of course I'm gratified that you appreciate the way things are working," said Trinito. "I'm just a little worried at the rate of progress. I think we're swapping parts out too fast to really get a sense of how each change will affect the way you experience being biological."

"That doesn't make any sense," Cornoda replied. "We're interested in what it's like to be alive. I say, the faster we get to being life-like, the better for the experiment."

"I suppose," said Trinito dubiously. "I just think a little caution…"

"Nonsense," Cornoda interrupted. "Now, let's get on with planning out the next replacement."

Trinito nodded. "I was thinking auditory receptors," it said.

"Too easy," scoffed Cornoda. "I was thinking of something a little more novel. What about some genitive organs?"

Trinito stared. "You realize, of course, that's actually the most difficult part of the whole thing? Trying to come up with a way for you to replicate, 100% biologically, is perhaps harder than you imagine."

"They don't have to actually replicate me," said Cornoda. "Mostly I want the urges to be there, the drive to reproduce. Also," it added, "I think gender is interesting." Cornoda looked speculatively at the diorama of a caveman, club raised.

"I think I'd like to be known as 'he'," Cornoda mused.

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