Aug. 27th, 2011

Now for the latest on the big storm, we're going live to Jim Jowell, who's close to the hurricane's eye wall at Red Neck, and Mitch Mutiny at Backwash Beach, where the highest surge is only now being felt. Jim?

Thanks, Dmitri. Sorry for shouting, but the wind here in the Neck is sustained at over seventy miles an hour, with gusts exceeding one hundred and ten, and it's difficult to even hear myself. You can see me trying to stand up straight in these high winds, but the force is really blowing me around. Red Neck is really receiving a punishing dose of the worst this storm has to offer.

This is Mitch at Backwash Beach, and Dmitri, while we're not experiencing the high winds down on the neck, the driving rain and storm surge is making conditions extremely dangerous. Water is starting to come over the seawall, and cars are encouraged to get off the road. Behind me you can see a pier that has already sustained severe damage; the storm has carried pieces of it away literally right before my eyes.

Ha ha, Mitch, that's great and everything, but here at Red Neck is where the action really is. Only a minute ago we saw a roof torn off a house and carried away. Pieces of metal are being embedded in walls owing to the speed of the wind. When you're here at the front of the eyewall, you know you're really at the very heart of an unprecedented monster storm.

Yeah, uh, whatever Jim, and I'm sorry you've gotten to the point in your career where you're too good for the beach and have to camp your crew out in Horseshit, USA to do your report. OH WAIT, that's not how it went! I ASKED for the beach assignment, because that's where storm footage is the most AWESOME, and management sent ME here, because THIS is where the storm is at! Look at those waves out on the ocean, threatening to overwhelm this fragile pier!

Twenty years, Mitch, you rat! Twenty years I been on this weather beat – too long to be forced out by some stupid young pup! I know storms; I took the Eye of Floyd in '99! I'll show you where the storm's at! I'll show ALL of YOU!

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