Jun. 9th, 2011

They met in the Great Sanctum, the low dark cavity below the Throne of the Giants. The giants rarely disturbed the great sanctum; it was too close to the ground, and the world of interest to the giants lay above their lumpy mountainous feet. Sometimes they dropped things – colossal bottles, or great discs of metal, or sometimes huge spherical toys – and these objects would roll under the Throne into the Great Sanctum. Then one of the giants might lie on the ground and reach under the Throne, using a sweeping rod or just a long gnarled arm, and retrieve the object. But tidying the Great Sanctum never happened – the Throne was too heavy. This was what made the Great Sanctum safe.

Gu was first. He pulled himself slowly along the wood laminate flooring, his grainy fibrous body trailing hairs and bits of string. As he crawled he swept up new dust and debris which accreted to his person. Gu was almost ten inches long, and he had almost doubled his length in the last month.

Dur and Uz appeared almost at the same time, from opposite ends of the Throne. They inched their way along the intersection of the floor and the wall behind the Throne, staying as far back as possible from the Gap. If one left the Great Sanctum through the Gap, one wouldn't be under the Throne any more. One would be out in the open, where the Lifegivers might pick you up and carry you off, and the dragon could come and eat you. It was wise to avoid the Gap.

"Out of dust we come together," called Gu.

"Together we strike our enemies into dust," came the counter-sign.

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