Jun. 4th, 2011

Day D

Jun. 4th, 2011 11:14 pm
The Jeep rumbled over the rutted road. Years of war and the traffic of war machines had torn up the French countryside; roads worth travelling on were few and far between. Fortunately there wasn't any snow. This was a stroke of good luck; the winter had already been a bad one, long and cold, but then just as the snows began to thaw and spring shyly peeked out its door, the world had a change of heart and turned cold all over again. Private Toms was sick of it.

"It ain't right, Colonel, begging your pardon," shouted the driver over the road noise, steering around a particularly deep pothole that would have destroyed the jeep's drivetrain if he hadn't been watching. "Them Krauts is bad enough that we gotta fight 'em all this time. Now they gone and messed up the weather, the sun, and just about everything else too."

Colonel Pohl scanned the horizon. "All true, Toms," he said, keeping his lips as closed as possible to minimize the chances of swallowing bugs. "It's the curse of Nazi science. First the V-2's and now this."

"But it just ain't natural!" complained Toms, forgetting to show deference to his superior officer as he often did. "I never heard of nothing like this back in Oklahoma. Why, it was the Lord God Almighty who set the Earth and Sun in motion, and only He ought should have the power to botch it all up!"

"Yes, well; it appears Hitler had other ideas," Colonel Pohl replied drily. He looked over his shoulder. The front lay behind them, to the east. The sun hung low in that direction, and the light was fading because the sun was setting in that direction – setting in the east, as it had been doing for the past three weeks.

"Chin up, Toms," said Colonel Pohl. "The Big Brains back in Washington thought the Nazis were working on some kind of super-bomb. I think that would have been worse than the reversal of the flow of time."

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