May. 28th, 2011

Part Six. I think this is near the halfway point.

I had to admit, McMillan's gang had put together a decent plan to break into the Museo Nacionale. Tunnelling up from the sewers, team one would create a hole as thick around as my finger in the floor of the main gallery. A stream of microbearings would be pumped up onto the floor at a high rate of speed. This would be too light to set off the floor pressure detectors. Once the floor was covered with a layer of the bearings, they would electrostatically lock and optically mimic the surface below them. This would make a good load-bearing surface that would also pass visual and tactile inspection.

Team two would insert via glider on the roof of the dome. The gantry to fix the spire I had broken off was in place and would be their landing platform. They would remove the temporary cap, exposing a hole two meters across looking down onto the main gallery. They would rappel down and secure various objects of art to the bearing floor.

Team three would storm an unmanned satellite owned by the Mastazi government. It contained a space elevator they used for military purposes. The team would take over the elevator's functions and drop the cable. The satellite would be overhead for about five minutes. During that time team two would guide the cable down through the hole in the dome and fasten it to the electrostatic floor. The cable would then reel everything up, breaking the severed dome away in the process and hauling it up with floor, artifacts, criminals and all. They had a Black Angel to escape in – the traditional fast, stealthy freighter of smugglers. I coveted it.

We were going to have to screw up all three facets of McMillan's plan. Furthermore, we need to do it in such a way that nobody in the Museo realized they had almost been robbed. Swam1 had said so.

"How come we don't just wait for them to take the stuff and then take it from them?" I had asked.

"Because their plan won't work," Swam1 had told me. "They're as good as dead anyway. We might as well fleece them of their gear and keep them from tipping off the authorities."
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