May. 1st, 2011

Word Count: 58547. Holding more or less constant on averaging in the neighborhood of 2000 words per entry. I am interesting in bringing that way down. I believe May will be the month of capping entries at 1000 words, meaning if I can't bring it in below that, I need to break it into pieces or not write it. The madness must stop.

I wrote a few things I liked, especially Mirka U Bitch and The Tree Museum. I wrote a lot of things that I think aren't bad but really were uninspired. I have definitely reached the point where 1) it is harder to come up with good ideas for stories, and 2) I'm tired of writing every day, so a lot of the joy has gone out of this. This is work. Nevertheless, I remain focussed on my mission, which is to get better at writing by writing a lot.

I don't hate writing, but I hate time spent at this keyboard that could be spent with the people I love. I'm also nervously looking forward to a vacation I'll be taking in the summer, where for most of a week I'll have no internet connection or even a reliable power source. What the hell am I going to do then?
When humanity first invented trans-light propulsion, they already inhabited a cluster of a dozen star systems. This has been a mystery to interstellar anthropologists. How did humans cross the gap between stars with only primitive technologies at their disposal?

Parallel evolution has been proposed, but few are convinced of this theory's likelihood. Others have suggested that some kind of seeding event took place, where another advanced species transported humans through their region of space. However, there's no proof, not even a hint of such a thing in ancient documents. What other options might there be?

I am Andalus, a student of ancient human history and technologies. With my crew of technicians and explorers, we have journeyed to Earth, site of the oldest anthropological finds. If there is such a thing as one human home-world, it must be Earth. There we will test a theory that many have discarded as absurd upon inspection. Using only simple technologies available to primitive humans, we intend to build an interstellar craft that these ancient peoples may have had the skill to make.

Then we will board that starship, and with luck on our side, we will prove that humans could have colonized other worlds long ago.
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