Apr. 13th, 2011

Actual dream log.

They met the emissary at the appointed place in the Sea of Tranquility. A special inflatable module had been created to serve as the place of negotiation, as the emissary had requested, and the half dozen representatives of the United Nations were waiting there for him. All the world's nations were nervous in the extreme about the word 'negotiation' being used when dealing with an alien being of obviously superior technological abilities; the wingnut population was certain that the immediate capitulation of all Earth defenses was about to be demanded. The human representatives on the moon weren't wingnuts, but they were certainly on edge.

A streak of light arced overhead, terminating near where Apollo 11 had first landed. A few moments later, a figure was seen bounding and leaping towards the negotiation module, coming from the direction of the light-flash. It was a man in a spacesuit, the old kind with foil skin and a huge domed helmet and a life support pack the size of a small refrigerator.

There was some thumping and fiddling in the airlock, and then the emissary entered the negotiation room. He removed his helmet. The emissary looked like Albert Einstein. He smiled. "Hello to all," he said in a German accent. "I wonder if I can trouble you to help me with the removing of these gloves so that I might shake all your hands."
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