Apr. 1st, 2011

This month: 62833 words. Not as much as January, but creeping back up there. I feel I am writing more than I ought to be writing. I'm doing a better job of taking advantage of odd bits of time to write (i.e. soccer practice, waiting for a conference call to start, etc.) but I'm doing worse at avoiding staying up late to do pre-writing. If I could master the art of dictation while driving I could recapture a lot of that time, but I am so very much NOT a speak-out-loud writer, I don't even know if that's possible.

This month's extended writing project, Pestle, came in at 24677 words, or roughly half a full-length novel. I find that I like the result and its density; if it were novel length, a subject as light as this would get boring. I suspect what I am learning is that my 'natural' writing niche is definitely more short subject than long subject, and I lean far more toward episodic stories than towards overarching epics. I see no GIANT FANTASY TRILOGIES in my future. I may, however, stray from F/SF.

I think I wrote several good pieces this month, including The Sun Must Feed and The First Funeral. I appreciate all the praise for Most Blessed of Boys but I share [livejournal.com profile] drelmo's opinion that something is missing. If I were to edit it, I'd add a third tier of experiences at the end. There were several bits that are so obviously mailings-in that I'm embarrassed about it and I shan't name them here.

Interesting note from February: I found that at least one Black History aggregator blog linked to Spotlight On: Harriet Tubman, unaware that it wasn't a straight-ahead piece, and those blogs got comments on how horrible it is that malicious people should be making fun of Black History. Part of me wants to protest, but in a way I really am poking fun, so I guess I should shut up. It's not malice, though; I just think that everything has the potential to be hilarious.

Thanks for your support and comments, everybody! Still not hating the writing!
LEOPOLD: I say, Warwick?

WARWICK: Yes, Leopold?

LEOPOLD: I have some frightfully bad news for you.

WARWICK: Oh dear, I suppose I had better hear it.

LEOPOLD: It's these silly Easterners whose defense grid I coordinate. I'm afraid – I don't know quite how to say this so I'll just spit it out – I'm afraid that they're launching a surprise attack upon your Westerners!

WARWICK: The Deuce you say!

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