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Jan. 31st, 2011 07:00 pm
“And that brings us to the main lab,” said Sikorsky, opening the glass door for Himmel. “I’m afraid ours is not a fancy operation.”

“Nonsense, nonsense.” The theoretical physicist was a typical genial German. “You have a most impressive facility here.” He glanced around the place – a single room with an overhead gantry, several test chambers, and rows of servers along the walls. “But I’d rather be impressed by the work you are doing!”

Sikorsky smiled. “Of course. I imagine you’d like to see us take an actual sample, eh?”

Himmel looked positively giddy. “Yes, yes! I’d like that very much.”

Sikorsky toggled a series of breakers and equipment around the lab began to power up. “Well, I think we can accommodate you,” he said. “Shortly after we published our paper, we became a bit concerned about safety issues, but we have some new equipment in place that will take care of that. So I, personally, feel ready to start working again.”

“Excellent!” Himmel beamed. “So, er, what is involved exactly in our looking forward in time?”

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Word Count: 66565.

Jesus. I do not recall promising that I would write, at this rate, 16 NaNoWriMo's over 2011. That is a lot of fucking words.

Some of the stories I quite like. I am probably unreasonably fond of The Colophon. Some of them I already hate. I did not achieve what I was trying for with Suspicious White Powder.

I discovered how hard it is to write when you have something else big going on. I also discovered how committing to anything for a couple hours out of your already generally busy day has the potential to screw up your life, work, relationships and sanity. Must write smart.

I have been pleasantly surprised to discover that I am not a bad capacity writer. I still do not see myself as having the stamina/patience/whatever to write long fiction, but perhaps writing these stories-by-chapter will change that by the end of the year. I do have the ability to write a decent number of words per hour.

I have also been happy to find that my store of writing ideas has not immediately been exhausted. After an initial burst of idea-creation to give myself a buffer, I have for the last half of the month been able to cook up an idea and write it within the 24 hour period of that day. Thus far everything I have written has been written that day.

I do not yet hate to write.

Thanks for reading my stuff and keeping me honest.



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