Aug. 19th, 2011

Look. Look! There, did you see it? That plume of flame and column of smoke? No, you're looking too far to the south. Yes, there.

I see it now! Incredible, they did it again. Oh, glorious, glorious! Isn't it wonderful when another primitive race joins the fraternity of space travelers?

It is a thing of beauty. The poetry of this struggling, nascent intelligence, pouring what little resources and technology they have into a dream – a dream that they might one day win free of their planet's gravitational pull and go forth to explore the cosmos!

I'm glad we're here to see it, friend. This was a good idea you had.

Why, thank you. I'm just happy that… just a moment.

What is it?

Oh those daring savages. Can you imagine the courage?

What's going on? Tell me!!

I'm getting life readings from the craft that just deployed from the chemical rocket. One of the rocket-builders has sent themselves up in their own spacecraft!

Is that wise? So soon after their development of high-altitude rocketry? Aren't they worried about the dangers…?

I imagine they must be, but their curiosity and daring overcame their natural instinct for fear! Whoever's piloting that thing is a hero in my book. Listen: let's greet them astrally and welcome them into the community of celestial explorers. I want to meet the being with the skill and nerve to hurl themselves out into space so boldly!

All right, I'm opening a portal… Greetings, space traveler, on behalf of the ninety-five sentient races of this galactic sector! We welcome you and your kind into our community!

…what did she say?

I’m not sure. I mean, the drooling didn't seem inherently hostile, but what do you think she meant by "woof, woof"?

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