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Santa gravy, show up in tonight's recipe, for me
I've been your cannibal pal
Santa gravy, and hurry down my gullet tonight

Santa gravy, all drizzled on a spicy ragout, par deux
I'll heat the oven up first
Santa gravy, and hurry past my taste buds tonight

Think of all the dishes I've not tried yet
Think of all the fellas that I haven't et
Next year we could have a Klaus fondue
If you'll bring Rudolf we'll roast him too
Boo doo bee doo

Santa honey, you're really sweet, and dinner with you is
Quite a treat
I mean that literally
Santa gravy, and hurry down my pie-hole tonight

Santa skewers, there's one thing I want for myself: an elf
Baked in a Kringle pot pie
Santa snack-cakes, and hurry past my molars tonight

Santa sweetmeat, I'll serve you with a garnish that's weird: your beard
I'll sop the grease with your hat
Santa scrumptious, and hurry in my belly tonight

Come have a look at my Yule menu
You'll see that the main course is mainly you
You're one jolly elf who won't be missed
Once you wind up on my shopping list
Boo doo bee doo

Santa gravy, one tiny little matter remains: your brains
washed down with cookies and milk
Santa gravy, and hurry down my gullet tonight

Hurry down my gullet tonight
Hurry down my gullet tonight



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