Dec. 14th, 2011


Dec. 14th, 2011 11:33 pm
"So that's what a brain looks like," marveled Cornoda, peering down into the brine tank. The organ was folded in on itself many times, and it was a pale grey in color, with hints of blue.

"No, that's not like any brain that ever existed, on this planet anyway," Trinito corrected his largely organic counterpart. "It's an analog of your brain. It's actually smaller than a human brain, but more efficient, given the fact that I was able to optimize its growth instead of letting it branch out naturally. The main downside is that it's powerful enough that it will run hot; it'll actually float in a reservoir of your vascular fluids, which will act as a heat sinkā€¦"

"Boring stuff boring stuff," drawled Cornoda. "When does it go in?"

"First we have to fill it up with the contents of your mind," Trinito said.

"You're going to download me into an organic brain," said Cornoda, awestruck. "I haven't been downloaded since I was created."

"Yes, well; this isn't quite that simple," said Trinito. "Organic brains don't do the bulk I/O as efficiently as we do. This is going to be a slower process than that." It turned and placed the brine tank containing the grown brain on a low rolling cart. "All right," it said, fidding with Cornoda's back access plate, "I'm pulling the plug on you for just a moment; hold tight."

Cornoda blanked out. When he came to, a set of leads snaked out of his central processor compartment and into a box on the brain-wagon. More connectors linked the brain to the box. Something chafed at Cornoda's skin, and he craned his oculars to see that he was strapped into a kind of harness.

"You're going to pull your new brain along behind you for the next week or two," said Trinito. "All your mental processing is being routed through your new brain as well as through the old one. It'll learn to think what you think, and know what you know, by copying you."

"Huh," said Cornoda. He stood up and tentatively tugged at the wagon. It rolled smoothly behind him. Cornoda looked like a large fleshy spider pulling a catering cart.

"I feel ridiculous," Cornoda complained.

Trinito nodded. "And now so does your new brain," it said approvingly.

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