Dec. 1st, 2011

Word count: 51312. Take that, Nanowrimo. I am apparently participating in National Anthology Writing Year. I may succeed, too! Word count is back up into the fifties from my 'vacation month'.

The good news: I feel very positive about the fact that I was able to keep writing even though I frequently didn't want to. I had family in the house and huge work commitments, and I was not sleeping well, which I have found really pinches back on my personal source of creative thinking. I got it done and that's good.

But the bad news is that, looking back at what I produced in November, I don't feel it's very good. The kind of stuff I want to write is stuff that is somewhat novel, and I feel I'm kind of remining territory that I've already covered. I don't want to get too deep into the self-criticism at this point, because I don't have time for it, and that way lies only madness. But I have a feeling that when I start combing back through the 2011 entries in 2012, I'm going to see November as kind of the forgotten month.

December looks to be the hardest month of all. My business is such that clients all want their stuff done at the end of the calendar year. I also have a gaming convention to organize, family to visit, children to confuse, and a wife to diddle with a bewildering variety of electrical attachments. I must find a way to carve out time to write. Expect delays, however, and some degree of slacking off, because other things are important, and these attachments won't diddle themselves. Okay, except for that one.

I have a few story ideas socked away but I'm mostly starting the month going day-to-day on writing seeds. Here we go. 31 and counting. Total words, 592823 and counting. Wish me luck!



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