Oct. 16th, 2011

But you do not believe me? Eh bien. Very well. I, the Grey Fox, am used to hearing such things. They no longer wound me. With age has come for Grey Fox the humility.

But I tell you, I speak only the truth. The thing I have sworn to do, I shall do. I am the greatest sneak-thief in the history of the world. I may have found humility, but I know what I am. I am without equal. And I can steal anything, I tell you – anything! Right out from under the noses of the world. Tcha! Gone like that.

Do not worry, mon amis, you are in good company. Others, beyond you, my few collaborators, have said that it cannot be done. Who? All of humanity, that's who! I said to them: I shall steal a thing from you, and give it back only when you pay me. The leaders of the world laughed and laughed. Impossible, they said! It simply cannot be done!

Well. Well, well, well. What does that word mean, 'impossible'? I will tell you what it means. It means, a thing that can only be done by me, the Grey Fox, the magnificent, the humble, the greatest ever! I tell you it CAN be done! And it shall, it will!

Then they will know what it means to laugh in the face of me, the Grey Fox, the man who stole all the world's air!

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