Oct. 10th, 2011

There were sails on the horizon. The bronze-skinned man watched them get larger. He was small and thin, and he wore very little. He carried no weapons, but he had a braided fishing line around his waist with an ugly bone hook reefed to the end. He was, in short, an absolutely historically accurate indigenous Bahamian, with one important exception. He plainly could see the sails, and he knew what they were.

The small man stood at the shore and serenely watched the ships approach. There were three of them, he could make that out now. A great sense of purpose and fulfillment came over him. The man watched Christopher Columbus and his small fleet approach their first landfall in the new world.

"That's beautiful, man," said a boy in a feathered headdress, wading partway into the surf. He had a Coors Xtra in his hand. "Christopher motherfucking Columbus." He whooped and waved his beer in the air; it sloshed slightly. The bronze-skinned man frowned.

"You're ruining it," he hissed. "You people always ruin it."

"Ruin what?" The boy swigged his beer and looked down at himself. "Hey, man; I am *totally* dressed like an Indian."

"The complete wrong kind, unfortunately," sneered the more authentic man. "I mean, couldn't you even be bothered to do a *little* research? I can't believe they deregulated time travel!"

"Screw you, man," said the young man, downing his beer and throwing the bottle into the ocean. "It's a free timestream. You don't like my way, pick another modal node and check out the landing there."

"I did," whined the historian. "They're all the same. Everybody…."

He didn't get to finish his sentence. One of the tourists crested the sand ridge and pointed out to sea. "Hey, everybody!" he bellowed, his floral print shirt flapping in the sea breeze. "They're coming! The Pinta Maria and the others are about to land!"

A gaggle of shrieking, excited time travelers ran out of the palm trees and down to the surf. "You're ruining it!" shrieked the historian, although nobody was listening. "You people are completely ruining it!"

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