Sep. 1st, 2011

Business had been slow for a while when the message came through from XGHR Sector. The client had a problem, and a serious one. A small black hole had been detected approaching one of their star systems, and it was sure to cause problems. They were scared and time was short. We agreed on a fee; they were too desperate to try to argue me down, and they were even able to pay in heavy elements. Hot damn!

I rebooted GOGOR, my chief autofab. GOGOR grumbled and whined; it was several generations old, but still serviceable and trustworthy, and it knew the business of nuisance removal. GOGOR's been with me almost since I hatched, and I wouldn't replace it for the world. We assembled our junk fleet, fueled up our engines, and made the jump to XGHR through YBHB and XBHS.

I met with the resident sentients, who were descended from gas-bags. I hope you won't think me a bigot, but those sorts are always nervous nellies. They were certain that bad old hole was going to gobble them up any second.

"Now let's just take it easy," I advised them. "We're going to take care of that rogue star for you. Me and my crew are the best you'll ever find."

"Are you sure?" asked the lead sentient. "Because your robot over there seems to be building an orbital station where we didn't want to have one."

"GOGOR!" The autofab stopped working instantly. It's a quirk that GOGOR has; it builds randomly when it isn't put to work. I consider it one of its charms. GOGOR had spun about five kilometers of truss spans before he was caught. The mess was cleaned up in no time, and I was able to smooth things over. I had GOGOR make us a set of reaction-jet engines, and we gently pushed ourselves out to the edge of the system to scout out this runaway that was causing so much trouble.

"Now then," I mused, scanning the region's likely features, "I wonder what our little black hole likes to eat?"

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