Aug. 16th, 2011

Snack Time

Aug. 16th, 2011 04:18 pm
By the Infinite, but I have had a bad aeon. This has been one of those ages where you wonder why you even roused your metabolism from its hibernation cycle. First there was that close call with the planetoids colliding right next to me; I think I still have a few fragments embedded in my carapace. Then I wandered into that dark energy field, LIKE AN IDIOT, and I definitely have the burns to prove it. And then finally when I cruised by a moonlet to scoop up some frozen methane, I found it was crusted over with frozen water vapor! So nasty. Who just leaves water lying around where it can taint everything?

I tell you, if there's one thing that's kept me going during this lousy aeon, it's thinking about the delicious snacks I put up the last time I was around this way. I'm very proud of myself for developing my method of food preparation to a high art. You know you've arrived when you can convince a sentient species that it's the pinnacle of honor for their leaders to surrender their bodies for your gustatory sampling.

Of course, these snacks are no good when the creatures are living. They're full of water, yucch. But I've got a great process for drying them out over time – and the creatures do all the work themselves! They call it 'mummification', and the end product is nothing short of delectable.

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