Aug. 6th, 2011

Lupe drove while Flynn sat in the passenger seat flying the Vigilant. He stayed a mile away from the White House and swept the perimeter with his visuals at maximum zoom. Tubbs' downed Vigilant was still parked on the lawn, but there was no sign of the Cheshire Cat. Flynn swept around to the front. The cars belonging to Slate and Gus were gone, but Ernest's old beater truck with the rebel flag on the antenna was still parked in the drive.

The sun was starting to come up, but the house was still dark and quiet. The automatic sprinklers were on, sustaining the unnatural green that surrounded Rutt's house. A light came on in Flynn's display.

"I've got five minutes of fly time left," Flynn said. "I have to set it down now until it's time to use it."

"Then what?" asked Lupe. "I want us both to be clear – what are we about to do?"

Flynn shifted in his seat. "Well… break the last of the drones, I expect," he said. "Destroy the controls. Put the scare into Rutt…"

"You've been telling me he's crazy," said Lupe. "Do you believe that's going to do any good? And for a very rich man, there are always more drones."

"All right, I see your point," said Flynn. "I guess there's really only one way out of this for us."

"Yes," said Lupe, "but I need to hear you say it. So there are no doubts between us."

"Okay," said Flynn heavily. "We're going to go kill Rutt."

"Yes," said Lupe, patting the Colt pistol in her pants. "Yes we are."

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