Aug. 5th, 2011

Night 1000

Aug. 5th, 2011 11:59 pm
Flynn waited for a full hour in the broken glass littering the Buick's front seat before moving a muscle. He got out of his car and picked his way around the still-guttering wreckage of his trailer. It was a dead loss, but at least he was still alive. The Cheshire Cat had gone – as far as Flynn knew, at any rate – but where it had gone was anybody's guess.

Flynn opened the control console and checked on the Vigilant. He had set it down in a pasture on the American side of the river and powered it down while he waited out the Cheshire Cat. It was running low on fuel but had only received a few nicks and dings during the firefight, and it still had plenty of ammunition. Good, thought Flynn. If we keep being lucky, we just might get out of this alive.

Flynn swept the glass out of the car and cranked the ignition. The Buick started on the first try, another good sign. Flynn drove slowly out of the parking lot, the wind in his face keeping him under forty miles an hour. He used side roads to parallel the interstate and work his way around towards Gardarito Creek. Meanwhile, driving with his knees, Flynn fired up his Vigilant and got it in the air. He was getting the hang of simultaneous driving. He set a course for the drone to set down near the rendezvous point.

The drone got there well ahead of Flynn, but that didn't matter. Lupe wasn't due to arrive until just before dawn. As long as Lupe could get out of harm's way before the sun came up, they could be gone before Rutt's satellite connection could help look for her.

Flynn set the Vigilant down in a field of tall grass next to the chainlink fence overlooking the river's north side. It spun down and went to sleep, cooling rapidly. Hostile eyes watched it in the dark.

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