Jul. 17th, 2011

Zinko led Little Zeeley into the Hall of Evolution. It was Zeeley's first trip to the museum and she was a little overwhelmed; she had ogled the huge glider dangling over the entry hall, and she had oohed and aahed at the gemstone exhibit. But at the Hall of Evolution she simply stopped and gaped. Zinko smiled; he had had a very similar reaction when he was young.

Standing near the entrance was a monster. Its head almost brushed the ceiling, and its jaws, seemingly frozen in the act of biting something hapless in two, sported rows upon rows of serrated teeth. It had relatively small foreclaws, but its powerful hind legs were tipped with terrible talons, and its long tail draped above many of the other exhibits.

But that wasn't all there was to see in the Hall of Evolution. There were many other creatures, each one stranger than the last, frozen in the acts of attacking, or feeding, or flying. Zeeley saw an entire building full of things from her favorite storybooks come to life –monsters from an ancient time, somehow transplanted into reality.

Zeeley stepped up to the velvet rope screening the bipedal giant and stared at it with wide eyes. "Is it…?"

"…real?" asked Zinko. "Yes, it's real." He pointed out the information plate by the exhibit. "This says they found this guy while some excavators were digging a new basement. They put him back together piece by piece."

Zeeley skeptically eyed the massive frame of the monster, with its skeleton of tube steel truss-work and one plastic-coated wire sticking out of an optical socket. "But it's dead, right?" she asked.

"Oh, yes," reassured Zinko, taking Zeeley's chrome-skinned hand in his own. "The Obsoletes stopped functioning millions or even billions of years ago. But without them, we wouldn't be here today."

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