Jun. 2nd, 2011

Word count: 32898. That's half of my peak monthly output, so obviously I succeeded in my goal of writing a lot less this month. For the first part of the month I did an anal job of staying at or below 1000 words; six of my entries were exactly 1000 words. However, I found this to be dissatisfying at times; there were some entries (WE GOT DRACULA, IMF Chief Escapes) that were natural at a short length, but there were some (Kon-Tiki, Star of Stage and Screen) that really wanted to be longer, in some cases a lot longer, but what I wound up with felt chopped and incomplete.

It felt good to write less. I had more time with family, and I could feel my brain decompressing. On the other hand, there were often times when I pushed back from the keyboard after writing for only 45 minutes and said "That's it?" Often it felt like cheating. Indeed, for the latter half of the month, my entries crept up in length. I've basically decided that limits like the 1000 word thing should be like the Pirate Code in that they're more guidelines than rules.

I like occasionally writing Jackpot and Lopez stories because they're pure cheez-wiz. They're all cheap laughs and cardboard-cutout science fiction, and they're easy to write. However, I don't think they help me develop any writing skills, apart from helping acclimatize me to writing regularly and on extended projects. I must ensure I limit how much of such things that I write.

After a month of shorter writing I feel somewhat refreshed and ready to write some more story-length stuff. Don't hate writing yet. Keeping on keeping on.


Jun. 2nd, 2011 11:43 pm
Ugh, this is taking longer than I thought. I'll post a bit late tonight.



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