Jun. 1st, 2011

Things were quiet for the time being. The cops had made three separate inroads into the museum, and we had beaten them back at every opening. But they were hitting us hard too. Half of my Chulkos were dinged up, two of them seriously so, although everybody was still mobile. Me and Grabsy were still basically intact, but Lopez had lost a thumb and wouldn't stop bitching. I doped him up with our painkillers as much as I judged was prudent without making his brain useless.

But the cops had backed off. A faint rumble in the ground suggested that vehicles with heavy treads were being called to duty, and that meant bad things in short order. We were taking this opportunity to shoot some footage of us defending the halls. I had Chulkos pose in defensive positions behind doorways and objects of Mestazi cultural significance, pretending to exchange fire with advancing police officers. From time to time they fell down, too, all per instructions. I had no idea why Swam1 wanted us to do this, but you don't question the Swami or his cerebral constructs, even if they're only running at 10% capacity of the real deal.

Actually, Swam1 had been very busy making and distributing televised propaganda. Our brave defense of the Museum had been thoroughly chronicled, complete with ridiculous bias towards the Chulko point of view, and was being continuously broad-banded across every media frequency on Tierra Salvador. Swam1 had taken over every Chulko station's antenna on the planet, which failed to impress Lopez. When the Mestazi shut those down, they discovered the signal was actually coming from Mestazi antennae, which also failed to impress Lopez. Then, when they closed down every broadcast tower on the planet, they discovered the signal was coming from every personal comm unit on the planet. This impressed Lopez a little. But when they shut down all comm traffic and found the signal was being broadcast using the harmonic frequencies of the planet itself, Lopez was forced to concede this was a technical feat of no small proportion.
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