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In case you haven't noticed, there's a war going on out there. It may not be a war you have chosen to participate in, but guess what: that's not your choice. People and forces are conspiring to drag you into that conflict. You're going to be part of it. Unless you do something.

I'm not talking about military conflict. I'm not even talking about people injuring each other physically. I'm talking about being, and reality. I'm telling you that there are people out there who are going to force you to believe that some aspect of your life has meaning – their meaning. These people, these organizations, these corporations and these governments are going to impose their values on YOU. And there's nothing you can do about it.

That's what they want you to believe, anyway. The truth is, there IS something you can do about it. You can fight back. That's what this book is all about. Contained in these pages is everything you need to counter the artificial construct of social rules, morality, religion and even reality itself.

Fight the power. Deny objective reality. Be a nihilist.

Read on.


CHAPTER 1: Time – Tick Tock It Don't Stop. How to reset clocks. Desynchronize cell phone towers. Disrupt Daylight Saving's Time. Vandalize calendars. Work flex hours; patronize 24-hour businesses. Circadian rhythms are your treadmill – get off it!

CHAPTER 2: Space – The Final Affront. Move property benchmarks. Reorient roadsigns. Build bridges to nowhere. Offer guided tours of nothingness. Counter the tyranny of three-dimensional space by dropping acid. Get lost!

CHAPTER 3: Morality – What's Good for the Goose. Be a passionate pervert. Edit ratings on movies and games. Vote for crazy politicians who will enact crazy laws.

CHAPTER 4: Religion – Take This, Job, and Shove It. Edit Gideon's Bibles. Hand out defamatory literature at airports. Again with the crazy politicians. Cultivate nonsensical beliefs that change every day. How to start your own cult, then destroy it from within. Achieving Personal Godhood through Mescaline.

CHAPTER 5: Money – The Fool's Gold Standard. Buy expensive things and resell them below market value. Engage with barter economies. Dispense bad tax advice. Dilute the market with foreign currency. Be rich in your own mind.

CHAPTER 6: Life – It's Just a Cereal. Crush insects. Laugh at Sally Struthers. How to ruin funerals. Disrupt nurseries. Make stem cells in your garage. Breed vermin. How to be a cock-blocker. Is there life on other planets, and should we give a shit?

CHAPTER 7: Culture – Add Agar and Keep Warm. Embrace terrible music and bad movies. Create new rules for politeness. How to get on TV. How to crash parties. Weddings: I Object! Wakes: I Object!

CHAPTER 8: Existence – It's Not That Into You. Deny the reality of the things around you, especially crazy politicians. Bump into things. Ignore people. More acid, please. How to play make-believe. Listen to talk radio. Burn this book.



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